Better Quality Water


What is the one thing that majority of people need in life? One word, water. Specifically clean water. Now when you think of clean water. You think purified or distill. No I’m talking mineral enrich unbothered from its origin fresh spring river water. But now a days that is not how it goes.

Now we have giant refiners that purify the water for us. The problem with that is it removes all the good minerals as well as the bad. I’m not blaming the refiner but the engineers behind designing this without consulting a doctor or a ecologist.

We all live in this Eco-environment so it would be wise to consult all professional practices dealing within that field before making such a major change. Let me ask you this, where does YOUR water come from?

All I’m saying is EVERYONE needs clean water, so lets do better by fixing whats broken. We know that majority of American cities have outdated piping system. On top of that the chemicals that have been used to sustain pipes as well as keep them clean have remain in those same pipes.

Water is essential to our way of life and the quality of water improves that life. Please if everyone cares about their life as much as I care for it, talk with your community to see what you can do to help or help call for a Quality of Water bill or something. We all need greater quality water for all. #QualityofWater


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