The Morning @ Clary’s Cafe

 By: Tsureie (Tobuto's Wifey <3)

Screenshot_2018-08-31 clary's cafe savannah georgia - Google Search

      It was Labor Day weekend when my future husband and I wanted to satisfy our hunger after such a hectic morning. We’ve heard a ton of positive reviews on this local café in Downtown Savannah, Ga. and we decided to give it a shot.

    We ordered:

       (2) Customized Omelets (Jalapeno, Mushrooms, & Cheddar Cheese)

 One with Hot, buttery Grits and the other with House Potatoes w/ a Biscuit

       (1) Stuffed Cream Cheese French Toasts w/ Glazed Strawberries

       (1) Homegrown Blueberry Pancakes

            Both with your choice of meat


  • Atmosphere

It’s a small, historic spot close to the center of this city; where visitors, college students, and even locals enjoy this quaint gem. The staff is friendly and a comfortable setting to have a light, heart to heart outing. It tends to be wrapped around the block closer to the weekend, so it’s best to come early or possibly during the weekdays.

  • Quality

The food is definitely fresh with a homemade touch that’s not too overly sweet and just the right amount of seasoning, cooked to perfection. The cane syrup is outstanding on whatever breakfast sweetness strikes your fancy.

  • Price

The cost is actually quite doable, especially for the amount of hearty food was given. That’s definitely a thumb up in our book! We can see why this little joint is quite popular.

  • Recommendations

We highly recommend this lovely café to anyone! Hell, we would love to come back here again to eventually try out everything in this hidden treasure. This spot has Southern Hospitality oozing through its veins!


  If anyone enjoys this brief review, we posted the address below so anyone can try the restaurant out themselves and enjoy the servings of the Southeast!  If you subscribe to our website, you will know be notified of any new post!

    *Clary’s Cafe*

 404 Abercorn Street

 Savannah, GA  31401

    *If you happen to be in town, please post your review in our comment section!*





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